126 presents:


Christine Clemmesen & Caoimhe Kilfeather.

April 15th through May 8th, 2010.

Opening reception: Thursday April 15th 7pm.

126 is pleased to present Spilth, an exhibition of new work by Christine Clemmesen and Caoimhe Kilfeather – two artists who share an interest in sculptural practice and the relationship between image and form. Through different artistic approaches both artists are drawn to a type of practice that shows evidence of its own making – a sort of honesty where the working methodologies are embraced as an important part of the finished work. For each artist, sculpture’s processes offer the opportunity to adjust the relationship between what something looks like and what it does. Drawing, collage and the use of images is equally important – specifically how these behave in relation to sculpture and how they potentially (re)orientate the viewer to the work.

Spilth provides an opportunity for the work of both artists to be explored through an understated overlap between each practice; where aspects of each other’s work provide a relevant context for the experience of both.

Christine Clemmesen’s (b. Copenhagen 1979) production is based on activating the relationships between materiality, space and meaning. Her work consists of sculpture, installation, photography, prints and collages, which exist in her practice as equal components.

The configuration of works in this show is essentially about looking at time-based and relational acts. The new series of prints are primarily made from found newspaper images, and are a way of including a more distant, yet always regenerated and dense image world. The works combine abstract form with the representational, and thus convey the possibility of discovery and new meaning.

Caoimhe Kilfeather (b. Dublin, 1979) often uses existing systems, objects or images as catalysts to generate alternative narratives and forms. This enquiry stems from an interest in the ostensible normality of the world and the possibilities for its transformation. Working across a wide variety of media – the use of specific materials is regularly associated with the conceptual development of the work – as is a link between these materials and the processes and methods used to manipulate them.

The work in Spilth reflects two approaches in her practice; one, an intuitive investigation of the translation of drawing or image into sculptural form and how material is implicated through this transformation. The other stems from an interest in the act of prolonged looking (or familiarity) and the seeming intuitive understanding of objects which results.

126 is a voluntarily led, artist-run gallery that promotes challenging and experimental works that would not be seen in commercial galleries or conventional institutions. 126 is supported by the Arts council, the Galway city council and our membership.