Press release

Holding Together
Douglas Hyde Gallery

23 September - 2 November 2010

This exhibition celebrates 50 years of the Trinity College Modern Art Collection and the achievements of George Dawson, its founder, who was also instrumental in the establishment of The Douglas Hyde Gallery. It was selected by the staff of the Gallery and the Curator of the College Art Collections.

The title of the show, derived from Hexagram 8 of the I-Ching, the Chinese Book of Changes, is intended to highlight the importance of unity, complementarity, and collaboration, and with that aim it juxtaposes a selection of older work from the Modern Art Collection of Trinity College with recent pieces by emerging Irish artists. The interrelationship between the two is the heart of the matter, but there is also an underlying emphasis on landscape, nature, and the elements.

Works by the following artists are included in the exhibition:
AE, David Beattie, Miriam De Burca, Patrick Collins, Aoife Desmond, Laura Fitzgerald, Judy Foley, Tracy Hanna, Aine Ivers, Mainie Jellett, Caoimhe Kilfeather, Cecil King, Paul McGonagle, Norah McGuinness, Sarah O'Brien, Liam O'Callaghan, Tony O'Malley, Daniel O'Neill, Nano Reid, Elaine Reynolds, William Scott, Jack B. Yeats.